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Genvate offers custom database driven web development and database management solutions, making it possible for companies and businesses to transform their web sites from a static and text-based informational site into a dynamic set of business tools.  Genvate has several years of development and customization experience in custom content management system (CMS).

We also extensively work on customizing open source CMS platforms to meet the requirements of our clients. It may sometimes be reasonable to integrate open source solutions in the software or the website being developed for various advantages.  We evaluate the scale, security requirements, backend integrations, APIs needed and give you recommendations, with pluses and minuses for each platform, so you understand each platform’s strengths and weaknesses.

Our web development process follows a hybrid development approach, where we build the MVP using a Waterfall methodology, and then add new features and improvements in Agile sprints, to ensure we are working efficiently and hitting our delivery dates.

Some of the platforms and technologies we work with

Web Development
Web Development
Web Development

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